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Brushify Sonic Miro
Brushify Sonic Miro
Brushify Sonic Miro
Brushify Sonic Miro
Brushify Sonic Miro
Brushify Sonic Miro
Brushify Sonic Miro
Brushify Sonic Miro

Brushify Sonic Miro

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With its 32.000 strokes/min Brushify Sonic Miro is the most enjoyable sonic toothbrush available on the market. The Brushify Sonic Toothbrush is designed to be fun and effective.

It's easy to use, lasts 30 days on a charge, and gets the job done. Features wireless charging dock and a free travel case. 

• Brushify Sonic Miro is a new generation Sonic Toothbrush that allows you to attain a correct daily hygiene routine thanks to its 32.000 strokes/minutes.

3 cleaning programs to meet all your needs.

• Your best partner against caries and periodontitis: it removes 99% of dental plaque, and it's kind to your gums.

Stop receding and bleeding gums only after 3 weeks of using Brushify.

• Thanks to the strong engine in the aluminum handle, it cleans better than the average of Sonic Toothbrushes in the market despite its smaller size.

• It combines an elegant design with outstanding efficiency. Whiter and healthier teeth forever. Now it's possible.

• Only 2 hours of charge will let you brush your teeth for 30 days.

Elegant. Powerful. Durable.

Fast Induction Charge

Only 2 hours for a full charge.

32.000 Strokes/min

Removes 99% of bacterial plaque.

Smart 2 minutes Timer

With 30 seconds quad interval timer.

3 Programs of Cleaning

Gentle, Deep, and Whitening.

Aluminum Handle

The most durable handle.

IPX7 Waterproof

Use it everywhere.

Sonic technology backed by clinical results.

Stops receding and bleeding gums by removing the 99% of dental plaque.

Thanks to the enhanced sonic technology® oscillation, the Sonic Miro breaks up bacterial plaque faster than the average sonic toothbrushes. It enhances the health of your gums by keeping the surface of your teeth cleaner.

Are you ready to get compliments from your hygienist during the next professional cleaning?

Reduces the risk
of caries development.

Brushing your teeth couldn't be easier or more thorough. All you have to do is move the toothbrush slowly sideways until the quad pacer timer reminds you to switch to a different row of teeth.

You will not only feel but also notice that your teeth are cleaner, whiter, and shiner. The feeling of cleanliness will be remarkable.

Excellence in cleaning.

The high bend recovery module
ensures the bristles keep the same quality of cleaning from day 1 to day 90.

The next-gen Tynex® 612 Dupont bristles with circular shape technology provide exceptional reach between the teeth.

2 hours charging.
30 days toothbrushing.

Brushify Sonic Miro has a fast induction charging. Use your toothbrush for 30 days with no worries, only after 2 hours of charging.

The magnetic charger keeps the toothbrush in place. Unplug it once the red light becomes green, and you are ready to go.

Aluminum handle for
a superior strength.

99% of the toothbrushes are made of plastic with its weakness and its severe polluting problem.

The aluminum handle gives Brushify superior resistance, ensuring a long life of the toothbrush. Also, by using aluminum, we are kind to the planet.

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32.000 strokes/min.
Enjoy the power for better plaque cleaning.

Although we have reduced the handle diameter by more than 50% compared to other electric toothbrushes, Sonic Miro maintains an incredible power.

This ensures you get a better cleaning of dental plaque, keeping your teeth and gums healthier.

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3 Brushing programs: everything you need is in your hands.

Choose your favorite program with a simple tap. The led light will make your choice very comfortable and intuitive.

Long press the ON/OFF button to turn the toothbrush off before the end of the 2 minutes.

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Designed with Love to make your smile shine brighter.

Join Brushify.
Our community keeps
growing every day.

As small as a manual toothbrush.
As powerful as a sonic one.

The love for Brushify

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